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Asbestos is a dangerous natural mineral which, during the 20th century, was very widely used in construction. Every day that it remains in your home is another day closer to you or your loved ones getting terrible asbestos-related disease. Or, in the case of an office building, another day closer to getting expensive asbestos lawsuits. 

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Before asbestos abatement begins, all materials suspected of being or containing asbestos must be tested. It is important to hire a professional to do this, as no amount of exposure is safe. The samples taken by whoever is testing for asbestos will then be brought to a lab to be tested. Trying to test potentially asbestos containing materials without the proper training can emit asbestos fibers into the air. The fibers can then easily get into your lungs, which is very dangerous indeed. When trying to determine whether or not to test for asbestos in a certain material, keep in mind that even if asbestos was used in a material in the past, that doesn’t mean every material of that sort contains asbestos. 

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