Buildings which need to be made noise proof, like a hospital building or a school building, got asbestos sprayed on the steel girders for fireproofing and soundproofing. This trend started somewhat in the 1940s and in another 10 years had become very widespread and standard especially in cases of multi story buildings. But nowadays there is awareness that this asbestos is a serious health hazard for those who live inside such buildings.

Asbestos removal has become a big problem and a serious health hazard. Asbestos removal in buildings is not easy. Even if the building owners plan to leave it intact, then also the old asbestos keeps crumbling. Once a chunk develops cracks because of the aging factor, chunks may fall off. These falling chunks are risky. They may fall on anyone anytime and hurt the person seriously. Apart from this, these chunks leave fibers into the atmosphere that can be inhaled by people. This causes serious harm to the body and thus asbestos removal has become a very important part of creating a healthy environment. Installation of air conditioners only aggravates the problem.

Asbestos removal is done if the building is intact but the asbestos layer is damaged. In any case asbestos removal eliminates the problems related to asbestos for ever and is the best option. However asbestos removal must be done in an appropriate way and under regularized conditions. Not just any layman cannot go and start doing the job of asbestos removal; it is a highly skilled and sophisticated technical work. Excellent supervision is required and only experts, highly competent in this field should be appointed. It is a technical type of work and the entire team should be well informed.

There are various safety measures which the work team must follow and before you embark on asbestos removal, an assessment should be carried out of the risk involved. You should chalk out the safety measures that are going to be undertaken and see that they are adhered to. A safe, hazard free working procedure must be devised.

The basic safety measures have been mentioned below:

  • Asbestos removal must always be done by licensed experts. Thy must be according to the code of Practice as laid down by National Occupational Health & Safety Commission.
  • Before any major asbestos removal program is undertaken appropriate permits must also be taken. You must check to see that the contractor you are employing is registered under the related legislations of the State or the territory.
  • Before you start your asbestos removal procedure, you must also see to it that you have devised a plan for the removal and disposal of the asbestos removal waste. It is not your regular garbage that you can dispose off in the trash can.
  • You need to contact your local council and find out about the requirement related to waste disposal after asbestos removal or you may need to contact the (EPA), the Environment Protection Authority for guidance.
  • As an employer you must also see to it that the workers are provided clean and sufficient protective clothing and equipment. Along with it you must keep an eye on the personal hygiene of the workers too. Their health is your concern too!
  • Thus if you follow these tips, your asbestos removal strategy will be successful without a hitch!
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