There was an era, 1930s to be precise, when asbestos was widely used in buildings. It continued to be used until the 1970s, when it was officially banned. If your building was built during that period there are chances that there are asbestos shingles in your house. If the asbestos is in good condition then usually it has no harmful effects and you don’t need to do anything about it. Just because it is present in the building doesn’t mean that it is harmful for you. But if it has become damaged because of the aging factors then it is harmful and you may have to remove the asbestos shingles.

However removal of asbestos shingles is guided by various rules and regulations and it is not that you can do it yourself or just catch hold of anyone and get the asbestos shingles removed. There are National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants and TSCA regulations which you have to follow while getting asbestos shingles removed. If you live in a single-family small house then perhaps you may not fall under the scope of these rules but there are quite a few local ordinances that you need to follow. In any case only a licensed and certified contractor can remove the asbestos shingles hence you must check out the rules so that you do not violate any of them.


If you just have to remove asbestos shingles then first of all study the regulations. It is an expensive method and you should consider this option only if there is no other way out. It is a very troublesome and elaborate measure. As far as possible you should try to leave it intact or try to postpone it with minor repairs. It should be avoided as far as possible because when you are getting asbestos shingles removed there is a great risk of asbestos fibers being released in the air and creating a major health hazard in the neighborhood.

When to undertake asbestos shingles removal

  • If you are remodeling or bringing about any major changes to your house then you will have to opt for asbestos shingles removal.
  • You may also have to do asbestos shingles removal if the asbestos shingles are heavily damaged and have become beyond repair.
  • At times many contractors unnecessarily insist that you should remove the asbestos shingles even if there is no harm arising out of them. They mislead you just to hike up their fees. Asbestos shingles removal is expensive ($2.50 per square feet in 2001). Hence make an informed choice and act accordingly.

Disposing of asbestos shingles

Whatever may be the reason for asbestos shingles removal, do remember that it is a complicated matter and you can’t do it yourself. You must contact and appoint a licensed contractor who has been specially trained in it. If you act thrifty here and plan to save on it then you must be forewarned that you will be violating the laws and creating a major health risk for yourself and your neighborhood.

Once asbestos shingles have been removed don’t sweep, dust, or vacuum clean the debris. There are specific ways of disposing off the asbestos shingles removal waste and you or your contractor must follow the guidelines. Improper cleaning can release small particles and fiber in the air; thus you should follow the disposal guidelines properly. 

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