In our modern day and age of asbestos awareness, construction over old buildings and remodeling can get a little bit complicated. Asbestos is a very deadly mineral, and coming into contact with it for a long period of time can lead to deadly illnesses. Even coming into contact with asbestos for a short period of time can lead to short term lung irritation. Asbestos is something that needs to be taken very seriously. This is particularly true for construction. Construction workers need to be carefully protected from asbestos because they have the possibility of coming into contact with it every day. Although it may seem like they are coming into contact with it just once or twice, reckless construction can lead to workers being exposed to asbestos for a long period of time over multiple different construction jobs. 

This, however, can lead to difficulties when it comes to construction. This is especially true when asbestos is detected that wasn’t previously thought to be there. However, this is exactly what happened to the Orillia’s Municipal Operations Centre in Orillia. After working on a roof renovation, they detected asbestos, and they will now have to change the way they approach this remodel.

Here’s what the staff report had to say about the matter: “To support the tender document design, the completion of a Designated Substance Survey (DSS) was initiated. Asbestos was not anticipated or included in costing and scoping for the original capital project submission. It has been recommended that the work area remain unoccupied during the removal to prevent workers from being exposed to dust during the removal process. These restrictions required would greatly impact current operations at the MOC.”

Along with these changes that have been made to the process of the rood remodel, there will be other things that have to change as well. The entire remodel will be postponed until later in the year so that the construction can continue in a way that will not harm workers or the people in the surrounding area. 

Although it is difficult to work with asbestos during construction, it is not impossible. We wish the best to the workers who will be diligently working to repair the roof and deal with the asbestos that has been found.

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