Asbestos is a very dangerous material so you should take great care while dealing with it. Always seek professional help for the removal of your garage if you think that asbestos is used in constructing it. First get it tested so that you can be sure that asbestos is present in your garage.

If you wish to perform the removal of your garage containing asbestos material, then there are some rules that you should follow.

  • Firstly, wear something protective in order to lessen the exposure to dust. The asbestos dust contains diminutive particles and harmful fibers that can be inhaled by you in the process.

  • Wear protective clothes like disposable coveralls, paper face masks and gloves. These are important to prevent skin contact with asbestos containing material.

  • After you are finished with the removal process, dispose of the protective clothes along with the asbestos waste.

Remove all the unrequited stuff from the garage. This is done in order to reduce the exposure to asbestos. Cover everything else which is there in the garage. After you are fully protected, start with the removal procedure.

Carry out following steps:

  • Moisten the area first of all. Do not soak completely or it will be difficult to clean up.

  • Use a plant sprayer to make the area damp. This will protect the dust from rising.

  • Without breaking, remove the asbestos from places where it is present. If you remove without breaking then it will ensure less exposure to dust.

  • After removing asbestos, wrap the material in polythene bags and seal them up with tape. This will prevent asbestos from escaping and causing harm to other people.

  • Don’t leave any waste lying around where it will affect other people. Clean the garage as finely as possible. Don’t leave any debris. Clean all the objects with a moistened cloth and dispose of the cloth along with other disposed of material.

  • After you are through with the asbestos removal from your garage, wash your hands and face.

The removal of asbestos garage must be done safely taking the following precautions:

  • Keep your children away from the garage while you are carrying out the removal process.

  • Always use the right and effective tools.

  • Male sure that the protective cover that you are using is disposable. Be it your gloves, face mask or overalls.

  • Always wear a fiber mask to cover your nose and mouth so that you don’t inhale the toxic fibers.

  • Never even try to go on the damp roof.

  • Don’t drink, eat or smoke in the process.

  • Make the asbestos material wet before the removal process so that the dust does not rise.

  • Have a long, relaxing bath after completing the job.

With these tips, go ahead and clear out the asbestos from your garage with confidence.

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