Asbestos is a useful construction related material because of its strong resistance to fire which made it necessary for the purpose of insulation and fireproofing. But the dangers of inhaling asbestos fibers showed that it caused several hazardous illnesses or diseases. Some of the asbestos related illnesses include asbestosis, in which the complication in the lungs lead to problems related to breathing and cancers.

The scary part is that asbestos can be present at home or offices. This makes it really essential for individuals to remove asbestos from the floor tiles from the buildings and homes. The fact is that vinyl floor tiles consist of asbestos known as VAT. It is very important to ensure these are removed.

Removal Process: Asbestos Removal Tile Vinyl

The paramount rule is to ensure that the material is in a non friable state. The asbestos is known to be non friable if the material cannot be reduced to dust by the pressure of the hand. However, the non friable material containing asbestos may become friable if the tiles are smashed or damaged. This entails the dangerous fibers will get free into the atmosphere. But the asbestos removal from the vinyl tiles is not an easy job and should be carried out carefully.

Here are some precautionary measures to be taken in to account while removing the asbestos from the vinyl tiles:

  1. Always wear protective equipment like safety glasses and a respirator. Though it brings about poorer vision and harder breathing disability, it is vital to wear the protective gear.

  2. The eradication of the asbestos containing vinyl tiles must be in whole pieces. Remember the material must be in a non friable state. Therefore, it is not at all easy to saw, drill and grind to help the removal process.

  3. Asbestos removal from any material should be undertaken by the licensed asbestos contractors who have specialized in removal or abatement. These professionals should be well qualified, experienced and knowledgeable about the removal of the asbestos containing materials. They usually have the necessary equipment and the other protective materials for the disposal and removal purposes. They usually carry plastic sheets for stopping the particles from free movement. The vinyl tiles are usually wetted down in order to prevent the airborne nature of the particles when the removal process is going on.

  4. The safe removal of the asbestos floor tile or vinyl tiles is a matter of concern. The materials are normally placed in sealed containers and are labeled as dangerous so that no one goes around or near to them. After the removal of asbestos vinyl tile, then the material should be shifted by the official agent to an EPA approved area for its burial.

With this information, go ahead and get rid of any asbestos material in your premises. Remember to remove carefully. Your health is invaluable so handle it with care.

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