Asbestos can be present anywhere. Whether it is pipes or floor tiles or any other material, asbestos can attack anything.

Therefore, the removal of asbestos containing materials should be done properly, safely and professionally to avoid any hazardous illnesses or diseases in the future. This may also sometimes lead to deaths. However, it has been found that the piping process of most of the building facilities are cladded and insulated by the asbestos containing materials. These materials should be removed prior to any kind of deactivation and decommissioning activity. The removal of asbestos containing material can be done in many ways. However, the removal done manually is usually expensive and takes a lot of time because the asbestos fibers are carcinogenic in nature. Another factor is that there are regulations of the EPA and OSHA related to the abatement processes.

The method involving manual technique usually needs substantial infrastructure for containment areas, monitoring of the air, scaffolding thus resulting in lower rates of the asbestos removal. Therefore, a special technology is required for removal of the asbestos from the pipes and other materials safely and efficiently.

For this purpose, a mechanical removal system is being developed which can crawl on the exterior of the several different sized pipes to ensure complete insulation. Note that the asbestos containing materials should be wetted and the pipe should be encapsulated and the removal insulation should be bagged


Also the system will work properly without the containment area by following the federal and local standards. But all this would ensure proper working if careful attention to the vacuum and entrapment flow of air is taken care of.

There are plans going on to process the pipes in the diameter of four to eight inches. Here are various plus points or advantages of this asbestos pipe insulation removal system:

  1. It leads to an increase in the removal efficiency of the material.

  2. It reduces the personnel needed in the abatement process.

  3. Operations are held in well contained and well sealed containers.

Next, let’s discuss packaging and removal for easy disposal and processing purposes.

This system consists of an external pipe which is supported by a boom vehicle which is used to seal and bag the asbestos which is being removed and provides operations for the placement of crawlers. The coordination between pipe crawler and boom vehicle permits the system for working on the pipes from eight to sixty feet above the ground. The system can also handle various problems like pipe hangers, handling various pipe materials like copper, stainless and many more.

The insulation removal is achieved by using a similar approach to the insulation installation process. Therefore, this method of asbestos pipe insulation removal is the best one to achieve the desired objectives.

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